The month of September is Pain Awareness Month.

It can be difficult to feel positive and grateful when you live with Chronic Pain or when you deal with emotional pain. So to bring some light and inspiration, we are joined today by Lauren Zalewski also known as the Gratitude Addict and the founder of Attitude of Gratitude with Chronic Pain.

In this episode of Grace and Gratitude Podcast, you’ll hear Lauren’s journey and an honest conversation of trials and triumphs.

More about Lauren Zalewski…

Lauren was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia back in 2001. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. It can cause severe fatigue, joint pain and muscle pain.

She became depressed, alcoholic for years, had a DUI (Driving Under Influence) and woke up in a hospital without her knowing how she got there.

As she puts it, “Life is hard. I hit a bottom, it’s horrible but you can come out of it… I never thought I could, but you CAN.”

Be inspired by her story, learn from her lessons and share it with someone who needs to hear it.

I learned a lot in this vulnerable and authentic conversation, so I hope you enjoy it.

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What we talked about…

  • Hear Lauren Zalewski’s journey and the inspiration behind Gratitude [1:08]
  • Find out Lauren’s rock bottom and how she changed her life [4:52]
  • The greatest lessons Lauren learned from practicing gratitude [6:33]
  • Being real, wholehearted and authentic in a world that’s trying to portray perfection [8:52]
  • Sometimes emotional pain is more debilitating than physical pain [11:12]
  • How to exactly practice gratitude during tough times [12:20]
  • The simple gratitude practice that you have to try [17:13]
  • It’s ok to slow down, to stop trying to be so perfect, to admit that we have problems and we need help [21:16]
  • How Lauren Zalewski would like to be remembered [25:01]

Lauren Zalewski’s one big message to add more gratitude and joy in your life…

“There is no shame in admitting that you need help. Talk to someone about it.”

Get in touch with Lauren Zalewski…

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*Music Attribution: Corporate (Success) by Scott Holmes, Corporate (Uplifting) by Scott Holmes

*Music Attribution: Corporate (Success) by Scott Holmes, Corporate (Uplifting) by Scott Holmes